Realized events

Step into the world of enchantment and relive the magic! Join us as we take a journey through our captivating and unforgettable moments from Magique Events' past gatherings and celebrations. Get ready to be mesmerized by the memories and experiences that make our events truly extraordinary.

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Fête des Belges


🇧🇪🎉 Bar Sero goes Fête des Belges 🇧🇪🎉 The owner of Bar Sero wanted to organise a Fête des Belges - party in Saint Tropez style, so he called in our help. Magique Events helped him with decoration, the dj line-up and some animation and food. Our client was very happy with the co-operation and satisfied with the results!

Vegas Party Night


For his 22nd birthday, this client came to us with the question "Can you give me a special birthday party to celebrate my life and have an awesome night together with my friends?" Hell yes! We searched a good venue, suitable for our plans, with that, we set the perfect line-up, had a saxophone player come in and even had a roulette table for the guests to play with throughout the night. Did we mention our client was a huge casino fan yet? We were very happy and thrilled to hear our client say it was the best party he's ever been to.

Ages Like Fine Wine


Ages Like Fine Wine was a birthday party where we built a high-end story, completely matching the client's DNA. The birthday girl loved boxing and good food, so we implemented those and created her birthday party. From 3D-printed boxing gloves as decoration through a ‘boxmatch tablesetting’ to a full "boxing menu", Magique took care of it all. Our main goal was to take away the concerns of our client and realize a birthday party she would never forget. In the end, we are proud to say we pulled it off, and how!

The Night Before Christmas


In Winterbar Hygge, Jabbeke, we had the opportunity to organise "The Night Before Christmas". With more than 550 people, it was a huge succes and a night filled with fun! Magique Events took care of the dj line-up, decoration and animation for the people to enjoy.

After Hours // White affair


After Hours // White Affair was an event on the roof of the Hippodrome of Waregem. Our first event, which immediately gave us the chance to show who we are and what we want to do. We made sure there was a good party line-up, amazing food that touched the soul and some crazy and surprising acts throughout the night.

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