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We are a young and dynamic team that focuses on the organization of business events. We have experience in light & sound, staff management, social media, marketing, ...

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  • Maxim Van Den Berghe

    Maxim Van Den Berghe


    As the youngest founder of Magique Events, Maxim is the most experienced in terms of light & sound, staff management. With his social skills, Maxim is responsible for our public relations and takes care of every last detail to make your event ready to shine.

    +32 495 86 68 22
  • Matthias Trioen

    Matthias Trioen


    Of us three, Matthias has the most life-experience (read: is the oldest founder). He tunes in with our different partners and manages our social media and food and beverage. Fancy a drink? He's your man

    +32 471 72 95 54
  • Gill Van Maele

    Gill Van Maele


    Gill is the zen, quiet worker of our team, the Yin to our Yang. As a founder, he is our sounding board between government and external partners. With his knowledge of administration and DJ-experience, he makes your event rock. Want to get something done? Gill is your man.

    +32 496 39 30 08

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